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Enter the Ghost Files Agency

Where Spirit Detectivies and Allies Roam...

YuYu Hakusho RP
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This is the community where Yu Yu hakusho fans can Role Play their favorite characters! ^^


1) You do not NEED to create a new account reserved for this community, that has something to do with your Role Play character, but you should have a avatar that represents your character at least.

2) I've finally decided to allow a few OC characters! ^_____^

3)If no one in the RP has any objections, then yaoi/yuri will be allowed. However, if you don't feel comfortable, then yaoi/yuri will be banned.

4)Role Play. Please, play your character. If you can't do that, then we may need to find a new user and you will be replaced.

5)If you need to post really important messages, then for your subject, write the title and tell us if it's OOC.

6)If you are inactive for 1 month or more, we have to replace you. So, if you might not be able to post/comment for a while, tell us in the RP.

7)HAVE FUN! ^^ Or else xDDDD

So, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and RP!

Characters Taken/Available:


Hiei: dragon_hiei ((My Hiei RP journal :3))
Kuwabara: rev_ocelot26
Aara: ayumikitsune (OC character)
Kurama: _kurama_
Shadow: shadow_kitty_c1 (OC character)
Yukina: yukina_koorime
Botan: heavenlyoarsman

~Others, including Dark Tournament, Psychic saga, and anything else ^^;~

All others that you can think of are up for grabs :D